Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dana Marton’s Tall, Dark and Cool as a Cucumber Salad

I’m happy to introduce my good friend Dana Marton, author of fast-paced, adventurous stories of romantic suspense. Dana’s latest book, GUARDIAN AGENT, takes readers to the dangerous nighttime canals of Venice, Italy, where hero Gabe Cannon is part of an elite covert ops group tasked with bringing in a rogue agent. But when Gabe gets orders to shoot to kill his former friend, he goes rogue, too, to protect the former agent and his friend’s beautiful younger sister.

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Three random questions for Dana Marton

Did you ever have a crush on a teacher or another inappropriate adult? If so, who knew about your crush?
I had a huge crush on my history teacher in high school. He looked like Antonio Banderas. I always made sure to get As in his class :-) As far as who knew about it.... I'm afraid, pretty much all the other students did. I was not very good at disquising my teenage crush.

Where did you and your husband go on your first date?
Perkin's. We lived in a very small town so choices were limited to the extreme. But by the end of dinner he knew I was the one. (He says.) Once when I was overcome by skepticism, I asked him if it was such a momentous occasion for him, does he remember what I wore. I totally didn't expect him to, but he remembered everything to the last detail after 15+ years.

What is something silly you’ve done when playing Truth or Dare?
Ride on the hood of a car, hanging on to the windshield wiper while someone drove it around the parking lot. I was young and very stupid. Do not try this under any circumstances!!!

And one not-so-random question

What makes Gabe, the hero of your latest book, GUARDIAN AGENT, so delicious?
He's tall, dark and hot. And nice. He just has the most amazing heart. On the outside, he's this tough commando soldier with a dark past, but when things come down to the wire, he always does the right thing. He is the type of man who would put his life at risk for a stranger. If you're ever in real deep trouble (as in mercenaries with a kill order are chasing you accross the rooftops of Europe to take you down), he is the guy you'd want by your side.

Recipe: Tall, Dark and Cool as a Cucumber Salad

—a story of summer love for the kitchen, the back yard BBQ and the picnic park—
He stood tall, dark and cool. His very name made her tremble with desire: Sir Cucumber. She rolled with grace, a curvaceous redhead. Lady Tomato.

“Juicy,” he thought the first time he saw her.

But Odorous Onion stood between them.

Their fight shook the garden. Swords flashed. Endless cuts on both sides. Courage and despair. Their grunts peppered the air. As well as Odorous Onion’s salty language, which made Miss Tomato gasp.

“You will be mine, you zesty wench,” Onion threatened.

“I’d rather drink vinegar,” she tossed back.

“She’s my love, my life, my everything!” With that shout, Cucumber surged forward and cut Odorous Onion down where he stood, vanquishing his archenemy at last.

“My Kingdom is yours, Lady Tomato,” the gallant prince kneeled in front of his love at last. “Please come with me to my castle of Mayonnaise.”

She gave him a serene smile. “I do think our flavors will blend beautifully, fair Prince,” she agreed before he kissed her.
Cast of characters: 2 cucumbers, 2 medium tomatoes, ½ red onion, pinch of salt, pinch of ground black pepper, 1 tbsp white vinegar, 3 tbsp mayonnaise.

Synopsis: Cut cucumbers, tomatoes and onion into thin slices then mix in with salt, pepper, vinegar and mayonnaise. Cover and chill in fridge for an hour.

Genre: Cucumber Salad

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