Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shrimp Tacos

I love eating in restaurants. Truthfully, I love it much more than cooking. But sometimes, a restaurant just plain gets it wrong. I recently ordered Shrimp Tacos and was presented with cold cocktail shrimp on a cold flour tortilla with coleslaw on top. Coleslaw.

If this isn’t a travesty of justice, I don’t know what is. Isn’t coleslaw German? Now if they had called this Shrimp Schnitzel, I might’ve been able to accept the claim. I wouldn’t have ordered it, but at least I wouldn’t have fumed with righteous indignation.

Sadly, my lawyer said misrepresentation is hard to prove, so my only recourse was to make shrimp tacos the way they were meant to be made.

I found a terrific recipe from Rookie Cookie. Shrimp Tacos One of my goals with this blog is to help bring attention to some of the terrific cooking bloggers out there. I include a link rather than the recipe so that you’ll go to Rookie Cookie’s site to get the recipe. (And I don’t believe in taking credit for someone else’s work.)

No coleslaw in site. These are taco toppings, people! And the shrimp was cooked immediately before serving so it was warm. “Fresh shrimp” does not mean “fresh from the fridge.”

I cut down on the prep work by buying pre-peeled and –deveined shrimp. Makes life so much easier that it’s worth the higher price. I did make a couple small additions to her recipe. I added a dash of cayenne pepper to the marinade to give it a little kick, and I included shredded cheese with the toppings.

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